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We understand that food sometimes is best enjoyed at home. Regardless of your situation, we want to deliver you the best quality food possible. Therefore, we vacuum pack the meat as well as the condiments to ensure the food stays fresh. This way, the food can be enjoyed by you and your friends just as it were directly out of the smoker. It has never been easier to enjoy good food with friends.


Forget about the boring business lunches that are always served. We bring the experience up a notch, and deliver you the food that provides results. Our slow cooked and tasty meats will definitely beat your classic conception of BBQ meats. The business lunch will never be the same again after you have tried our selection of succulent meat, rolls, slaws and sauces.


Whether you are comfortable in your chair watching the game or hosting a party, we want to provide you the food that brings the experience to a new level. When we show up at your door, your food is just as juicy and tasty as if it was directly off the smoker. Enjoy quality food right at your door step. Minimum 15 people. For more information email events@tagochasmokers.com.au